Senator Villanueva on the Senate FloorSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) issued the following statement Tuesday in response to the leaked draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade (1973) decision:

“Today, I seethe with anger over the leaked majority opinion, and I am in fear of women’s safety and our future. This decision is a direct attack on the rights of women, which have been under assault for the majority of our nation’s history. A woman’s right to choose is fundamental, and to remove the protections set forth by the critical 1973 ruling is to create dangerous, undue burden for one of our most vulnerable populations. Removing this precedent would not stop people from seeking abortion, but it would make them far less safe for those who employ their inalienable bodily autonomy to decide the course of action that is best for them.”

“I resent and reject the notion that forced birth does not amount to a violation of a person’s rights under the U.S. Constitution. This opinion will no doubt determine the trajectory of our nation and our states over the next few years. Choosing to abandon this federal protection of a woman’s ability to terminate her pregnancy will lead us down a dangerous path in which little by little our access to safe and supportive environments is removed until we reach a point of blatant inequality. I am infuriated at the constant exertion of power by officials who are so far removed from the lives of the people whose interests they claim to represent. They will not stop until they have total control over women and other marginalized communities, and that is disgusting, appalling and degenerate.

“While Illinois will continue to be a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge from these abhorrent practices, the implications of this leaked opinion demonstrate that we must act now. This breach of trust in our law is a grand set back that takes us to a place we do not want to be, tarnishing the work of many who sacrificed their lives to build equity into our systems. It is a terrible day indeed.”

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Senator Villanueva applauding on the Senate FloorSPRINGFIELD –The tireless work of State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) to expand access to breastfeeding supplies is included in the new tax relief package to assist Illinois families.

“The impact breastfeeding supplies can have on the growth, development and health of both mother and child is major, and we need to do everything we can to ease any financial burden associated with raising strong and healthy children,” Villanueva said. “These tools can be vital to parenthood, and a mother’s access to these products should not be barred because of affordability.”

Senate Bill 157 provides significant tax relief to Illinois families and businesses, including an exemption on breast pumps and other supplies used to collect and maintain a mother’s milk supply. Earlier this session, Senator Villanueva passed the stand-alone legislation for the exemption. The final proposal was found in the bipartisan tax relief package that passed Saturday.

Mothers use pumps and related breastfeeding supplies to generate and store breast milk for a variety of reasons. However, financial barriers can inhibit a mother’s access to these necessities and prevent her from providing the best care she can to her child. With the help of Parity for Pumps, a coalition working to remove any restrictions to breastfeeding, Illinois aligns its practices with those of eight other states who already provide such exemptions.

“I’m happy to see this revenue package include these exemptions, and I look forward to seeing the benefits this initiative brings to Illinois families,” Villanueva said. “I am also proud to have played an integral role in helping mothers seize their preferred method of care for their babies.”

The tax relief plan was signed into law by the governor Tuesday.

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Quote from Senator VIllanuevaCHICAGO–In response to the governor’s signing of the budget and tax relief plan Tuesday, State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) highlighted a number of the financial plan's investments with this statement:

In recent years Illinois has taken steps toward strong economic recovery by making responsible fiscal decisions to support our students, working families and communities. Read on to see how this financial plan helps Illinois residents.

1) Significant investments to the Reimagine Public Safety Act are set to go toward community-based initiatives focused on violence prevention, youth development and trauma-based services. Funding is also allocated to domestic violence prevention, victim support initiatives and crisis response services for individuals experiencing mental health issues.

2) Millions of dollars are being dedicated to ensuring wellness among our immigrant community. This effort includes a Medicaid expansion that allows older non-citizen residents to access medical services, immigrant integration support services and investments in Welcoming Centers.

3) Families will see great relief in the form of an increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit and other credits in addition to tax suspensions, direct payment and inflation negation.

Read more: Villanueva highlights investments within the budget and tax relief plan

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Senator VillanuevaSPRINGFIELD – In response to the advancement of the state’s budget and tax relief plan for fiscal year 2023, State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) issued the following statement:

“The state’s economic status rests on the backs of the hardworking families that power our communities, businesses and organizations. Our investment in them should reflect our investments toward economic recovery, which is being made possible thanks to Illinois’ commitment to making responsible fiscal decisions.”

“The pockets of Illinois families will see money coming back to them in the form of $1.83 billion in tax relief, which will go toward a permanent expansion of the earned income tax credit to extend support to previously ineligible groups and other tax relief measures. We will also see a significant investment in the state’s Monetary Award Program as well as community-based development opportunities.”

“I am also extremely pleased to see the state prioritize access to comprehensive health care coverage by expanding Medicaid to our low-income non-citizen seniors. Coupled with significant increases in funding for Teen REACH and other after school programs as well as other violence prevention efforts, these investments will help ensure our communities have the support and resources they need to address local issues and have a positive impact on the lives of residents.”


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