construction workersCHICAGO - State Senators Celina Villanueva secured over $551,000 for the Hispanic American Construction Association, under the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship programs.  

“Garnering funding to ensure equitable participation for constituents in the construction industry, while also promoting the growth, quality of work, professionalism and integrity of these individuals is something that is necessary in advancing the job force for women and minorities,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). “We must make sure residents in underserved communities are getting the necessary resources they need to become successful in the workforce as we continue to fight for a more equitable state.”

Villanueva continues to push for equitable workforce opportunities for residents in their districts, as many Illinois residents are still bouncing back from the pandemic that left thousands without jobs and limited resources. Many people today are still seeking safe and secure workforce opportunities that will allow them to live a sustainable life, while acquiring free training to be successful in the field. 

According to a 2022 survey by Zippia, only 35 % of construction workers in the U.S. were Black or Latino while 58.7% of construction workers were white. In the state of Illinois, equitable workforce opportunities remains a priority. This funding will help combat this issue by intentionally providing misrepresented communities in Illinois with more accessible resources that will lead to more individuals becoming qualified to work in the construction industry, free of charge. 

Over $550,000 will be sent to St. Augustine to stabilize the workforce. Information on the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program can be found here.